It Was Always Me


I dream your face

and know it soft and bold

I know you as well as I know myself.

And I promise that’s a helluva lot.

I know you’re stubborn because

you’re afraid that your mistakes will be ours.

But I promise you, you never needed to worry.

You never needed to stress that we’ll stray

because you taught us well enough.

All your worrying did was push us away.

Because you worried with limitations, boundaries and screams.

And we were young. I was young and I

couldn’t have known any better, than

perhaps you couldn’t stand me.

I’m sorry for the wasted screams. For the wasted words

that only ever caused harm.

No matter how far I ran,

and how far I run now,

I’ll look back and see that

it was never you I was trying to escape.

It was myself. And the troubled me I saw in your eyes.


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