I can write your name in sunlight

that my dark skin absorbs.

And in turn reach a point where the tingling in my palms

aren’t entirely my own

Where the softness of my lips

is a trace back to forever

and allow my heart to metamorphose into an

amphitheatre for paroxysms

of devotion.

I can lead you through the lead-chiffon folds of my innermost

let you plunge head first into the black-hole of my soul,

hand you a giant star and dare you to toss it in.

Dare you to watch me devour it,

crush it,

have you fear filled into enticement and wonder

to find that I have collapsed its core into a Neutron.

Watch how I become a supernova explosion;

outshining the galaxy of your mind

and heart

Leaving behind remnants of me inside the crevices of your skin.

                   We can make new stars together.

But I can turn you to dust


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