Memory of Me


I want to leave my fingerprints sprawled

all over the facets of my time.

Want to leave my heartbeat thumping loudly

in the ears of all I encounter.

Have the echo of my laugh in the darkest corners – a silver lining from beyond the clouds,

a cosmic ray from outer space.

I want to do more than exist. I want to thrive, not just for me

But for every face.

Be the love that shuts down demons like a thunderclap from the almighty himself.

The honesty that tears down walls and shreds resistance like a gossamer bulldozer.

I want the memory of me to be more than the girl who wrote or

the girl who never stopped laughing.

I want to be the girl who saw through the bullshit

and cut through it with tactful comedic relief.

The girl whose eyes were a kaleidoscope of hopes and dreams

Whose soul was a magnet attracted to your opposing charge,

despite the fact that sometimes she repelled herself.

The girl who loved with fierce devotion,

enough to set self-combust.

Forever incapable of compliance.

A blazing heath, like a sky of fire.

More than life. More than anything.


One thought on “Memory of Me

  1. I’ve noticed that you’re poems sort of have an astrological theme to it and I love it, I’m digging your writing at the moment; I share some of these thoughts and feelings with you like the feeling of being more, being remembered, love this!


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